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With this technique you can increase your yields, improving organoleptic quality, reducing all inputs: Treatments and Fertilizations.
We have created a training course that can help you with these goals, so if you want to learn about and try electro-culture explore our courses.

About Me

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My name is Andrea Donnoli and I am passionate about Permaculture, which is why I started to create my own Food Forest populated by Ancient Fruits. I develop my cultivation techniques in the Bolognese Apennines, at an altitude of about 935 mslm.

The continuous search for alternative cultivation techniques also led me to create a 300-square-meter Mini Food Forest in the urban area of Bologna. My professional training drives me in the continuous search for change and innovation, which is why I made my first Electroculture area.

My projects are constantly evolving. To do this I observe, study and experiment without ever neglecting the rhythms of nature, managing to dialogue directly with the main players in the ecosystem.
My main goal is to produce healthy and natural food by taking advantage of fewer inputs to increase the productivity of my crops, without putting my love for the environment and eco-sustainability on the back burner.


ELECTRO-CULTURE is a more than 100-year-old technique used to improve the quality of food, without fertilization and up to zero treatments in 3 to 5 years.
If you want to better understand the potential, explore our tracks


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