Elettrocolture for a Sustainable farming

The climate is changing, the planet rebels against the aggressiveness of Man, Electro-culture is the sustainable approach that favors the production and cultivation of fruit and vegetables without chemically manipulating the soil. A 100% natural method,repeatable over time, which does not damage the natural ecosystem of your vegetable garden and garden. The result of centuries-old studies, it is the solution that will make you discover that everything you need to obtain better and quality products is the result of nature itself
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The best approach to  become an expert in elettro-colture. The digital academy guides you in teaching the theory and exploit the different techniques in through real projects.

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An exaustive catlogue of products to realize elettro-colture projects


A library of more than 100 years of digital books written by most recognisable experts across the World.


All what you need to spread the knowledge of elettrocolture with friends, collegues and family.


The best place to start from. You can gain knowledge, study real projects and became an expert!

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